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About Us


Ernest Delany - Probes Unlimited, Inc.

Probes Unlimited, Inc. is a small, privately held manufacturer based out of Lansdale, Pennsylvania that started designing and manufacturing OEM temperature sensing devices in 1992. In 1999, Ernest Delany took ownership and aggressively transformed the company into a national name within the industry by employing best practice process improvement and streamlined manufacturing principles. Prior to taking ownership in 1999, Ernest enjoyed a successful venture startup with Measurement Dynamics where they patented temperature data recording devices used in monitoring food products through the supply chain. DeLany recognized the market need for providing equipment manufacturers with custom temperature probe sub-assemblies. His goal was to provide top quality parts, with competitive pricing. Today, we have the ability to select our raw material suppliers which leaves us with the flexibility to use the best parts from the best suppliers in the industry. Our engineering and operation team has over 30 years experience with RTDs, thermistors and thermocouple temperature measurement technology. Our employees are proud to claim that we produce some of the finest precision temperature measurement probes in the world. Our lines offer clients speed-to-market and including high volume automated assembly manufacturing, semi-automatic assembly procedures, and specialized low volume manufacturing practices.


Our Mission: To Manufacture quality custom OEM temperature sensing products and thermal switches.


To provide our customers with innovative solutions to temperature measurement. “Solutions” cover all of the strategic areas of manufacturing: 1) quality 2) ease of manufacturing 3) delivery 4) value. Our goal is to meet all of our customer demands while remaining profitable to provide stability for our customers, owners and employees.