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Our efficient and precise approach to manufacturing will shave weeks off the typical production schedule. From estimate to installation, we keep the ball rolling.

An overview of the services we offer:

- Liquid, Air, and Gas Measurements.

- Custom designs - we work with your engineers to design a probe for your specific application.

- Automatic wire processing and cable harnesses.

- We have a custom designed automated sheath manufacturing machine that was designed and built for/by Probes Unlimited, Inc.

- Tube Stock: 12/20' tube stock from .125" OD to .375" OD can be rounded/cut/welded in lengths of 1" tp 24" on this machine. Tube Stock comes directly from the mill. 90% of our sheaths are quality ss 316 treated per ASTM A279. (We can produce a rounded/cut/welded tube every 7.5 seconds. This gives us a large potential output and the consistency needed in this marketplace).

- Our calibration lab can offer calibration NIST certificates from -40-400 degrees centigrade. We can also provide volume sorting capabilities for tight tolerance requirements.

- We provide outgoing QA for all orders. Our inspection system requires that we complete process inspections, and final inspections to assembly print as well.

- We also perform Hi Pot testing to each sensor assembly to verify that there is no conductivity between the sensor leads and the sheath material.

We are a Solutions Provider

- Common Sensor Failure: The most common failure mode of temperature sensing device is separation of the sensing element's lead wire from the larger connecting wire. We use computer controlled welding equipment with custom weld tooling to ensure this separation does not happen.

- Induction Welding: Our Induction Welding uses no solder. The two metals have a molecular bond that is stronger than the lead itself.

- Moisture Intrusions: Second most common sensor failure mode is created by moisture intrusion down to the sensing element. Our solution uses one of two seals: a Teflon to Teflon seal or a UV cured epoxy system.

- Epoxy Waterproof Myth: We rely on epoxy, or glue when you can create a Teflon to Teflon waterproof seal. Use our Teflon Plugge TM seal.

- Cryogenic Sensing: The difficulty is created by the extreme cold. We use a PTFE molding process to encapsulate our thermally shocked sensor to provide a barrier to ice crystals that leads to sensor failure.